Chief Aim




Bruce Lee’s Chief Aim

Here’s how you can achieve the chief aim of your life using Bruce Lee’s method:

1.Determine exactly what you desire, being as specific as possible.
2.Next establish a definite date by which you want to acquire this thing that you desire.
3.Next determine what you are willing to give in return for this thing that you desire.
4.Next make a definite plan to acquire what you desire and put this plan into action immediately, whether you are ready or not. It need not be concrete. You need to start somewhere and just come up with whatever plan you can think of.
5.After this, write the results of the above four steps in a concise statement. It must include what you desire, what you are going to give in return for your object of desire, along with the time limit and plan by which you intend to acquire this object of your desire. Remember to sign it with the date.
6.Read this concise statement twice daily, once after waking up and once before going to sleep. When you read this statement, see and believe that the object of your desire is waiting to be transferred to you as and when you deliver the service you have committed to render in return for this thing that you desire.


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