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Like PayPal and similar payment systems that you can operate without giving out or asking for other people’s bank or credit card details? A PayPal-like service with no fees? A PayPal-like service that allows instant money transfers and receipts ?

Now you have Axis Pay.Axis Pay is an easy to use app which you can link to any bank account, even those not with Axis Bank, to send or receive payments to anybody instantly and securely, with just your name. And all for free !!!!

Axis pay is powered by the UPI. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface which is a platform provided by the NPCI ,i.e. National Payments Corporation of India, to facilitate inter-operability among various banks. It’s a one stop solution for multiple bank accounts ,in various banks, accessible via one app. It allows all account holders to send and receive money using their smartphones with a single identifier called virtual payments address(VPA) .VPA is a unique ID which a person must create and link to any of their bank accounts to make secure payments. This unique ID can be yourname@axisbank or mobilenumber@axisbank etc which is easy to remember. Each VPA is unique to a particular user. So there is no need to know the payee’s or payer’s IFSC code, bank account details, etc. and this makes the process less taxing on the a person’s memory.

To get started using the Axis Pay App, of course a person needs need an Android smartphone and a data pack. Preferably a 4G one. Then the sender should have downloaded the Axis Pay App and receiver of funds should have or must download the Axis Pay UPI App  or any other UPI App from the Google Playstore. Then both must have or create unique IDs ie VPAs (example – name@axisbank) and link at least one bank  account to their VPAs, verify  accounts & set a PIN. Then money transfers can take place instantaneously.

Here’s how you make payment via the UPI App:


All transactions on Axis Pay UPI App are authenticated by 2 factor authentication and debit transaction can only be initiated through your VPA on your device and It requires an MPIN to authenticate the transaction.

Basically, nothing much all that different from hot payments online using internet banking, but something built for mobile internet users and with the advantage of PayPal-like services.

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