Software To Tell The Tale Of Your Accident

wealthymattersWe are prone to several accidents in our day-to-day lives. It is entirely beyond our control at times, and we are caught unaware under such situations. Since everything stands automated today, why not also have software to help in critical conditions of accidents. It will be beneficial to all.

The Blessing of Technology

In India, people are exposed to accidents more due to unsafe conditions on the road. Every other person has access to a smartphone, but we do not have an able software in our device to help us in emergency situations such as accidents.

The Launch of Track N Tell

Track N Tell, an Indian startup company has devised an expert software to track the car’s location and get connected when involved in any accident. Pranshu Gupta founded Track N Tell out of his experience, and he quit his job in the US, to work on this platform. He first developed a GPS-based unit and tried experimenting with his own vehicle. This unit will monitor the diagnostics of the car and in a time of structural damage to the car, it will connect to the family detailing the location of the car.

After thorough testing of the unit, he approached many clients and automobile manufacturers. However, many of them had their in-house tools or worked with large-scale vendors to develop them. However, these units were only available in higher-end cars that cost more than Rs. 9 lakhs. This means that the common man in India cannot access such diagnostic and emergency management services.

So, Track N Tell now works committedly to release consumer models that can be purchased and used across all models of the car. The highly skilled team of Track N Tell are now focusing on the App. They are building a stable platform to cater to the needs of the end consumer and distribute relevant data to big businesses as well.

Other Devices Being Introduced in This Field

Track N Tell is not the only player in this field. There are several other biggies like Renault-Nissan and Mahindra, who are developing such car diagnostic tools. There are also startups like CarIQ and Raksha SafeDrive, who are working on the same platforms. Each of them has a unique approach, but the central core of such tools is a strong network of insurance companies, dealers, and emergency services.

Raksha Safedrive is built on an excellent network of emergency services that manages the well-being of the car and connects efficiently in the event of any emergencies. They have already received 100 pre-orders even before their launch.

Track N Tell is working hard now to create its place in this market and make this essential car diagnostic tool reach all consumers. However, making people aware of the importance of such emergency management tools and making them utilize them will be a cumbersome task.

Just like the way car insurance policy acts as a safety shield in case of accidents or untoward events, this fantastic software unit could do wonders and provide many benefits to car owners. Let us embrace and encourage such tools to be safe on the move.

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