Double Check Hallmarked Jewellery

wealthymattersOnly 30 percent of Indian gold jewellery is currently hallmarked and there are widespread differences in purity and an average under-caratage of anywhere from 10-15 percent.Some 80 percent of high value items are hallmarked, but for medium and low valued category only 10 percent is hallmarked.

But the real sting is in what the WGC has to say : “Till date even hallmarked jewelleries are not that credible in India. It is not fool proof as the original BIS policy has intended it to be. To make hallmarking more credible there should be independent checks by BIS of the hallmarking centres. The enforcement should be much more rigorous.”

So, do make the effort to double-check the purity of your purchases, just to be sure that you are getting what you paid for.

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4 Responses to Double Check Hallmarked Jewellery

  1. BellyBytes says:

    So how do you trust the jeweller? He just rubs it on a stone and tells you how pure it is……

    • Sunita, just cross check what you buy with one jeweller with another or pop it under a caratmeter.
      Believe it or not, some low value diamonds I bought from Popley were declared fake by Chintamani ! Went back to Popley and had him certify his stuff and give me a buy-back guarantee in writing! He was upset, but complied.
      Later there were lots of reports in the press of artificial diamonds mixed with natural diamonds in India. Melee diamonds.
      As the value was too low and I had priced in no resale value of the stones, I didn’t bother further. But with bigger stones and greater values, I’d have contacted at least 2 more independent gemologists to check out the stones and value them.

      • BellyBytes says:

        Thanks for this explanation. But apparently gold and other precious metals are losing their investment lustre . The only thing about the hallmark is that the manufacturer has to honour his mark! So t is like a guarantee

        • Gold is mostly never for investment but always for storing value. One way or another the debt problems of the world will be sorted out either by devaluation or revaluation. In either case a body will appreciate gold and what it does for one’s wealth at that time.

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