Recover Your Money

wealthymattersIf you have invested money in Nirmal Singh Bhangoo’s (Banghoo’s)

Pearls Agrotech Corporation Ltd or PACL
Pearls Golden Forests Ltd (PGF)
Lotus (Agricultural and Marketing Co-operative Society Ltd)
Mesmeric (Private Limited)

and would like to collectively pursue the case in Australia, to try and recover your money, please comment your contact details below.


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6 Responses to Recover Your Money

  1. Mansa ram says:

    How to recover our mony what is the way?

    • Keerthika Singaravel says:

      Please get in touch with Mohanlal Gupta of the Samartha Hind Party at 9935647273 and ask him to put you in touch with Niall Coburn of Australia.

  2. Rajan says:

    Dear sir my 1 lakh rupees is lotus agricultural Ltd froud .plz help

    • Keerthika Singaravel says:

      Please get in touch with Nial Coburn. He is looking to organize people to file a class acction suite.

  3. jitesh ranawat says:

    When and how will we get pacl money invested

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