The World’s Best Entrepreneurs


So who are the world’s best entrepreneurs?

The international consensus is – Indians.And why do international money managers hold this opinion? Kenneth Andrade, has a very interesting story. He says that time and again international fund managers and investors have repeatedly revealed that nowhere else do they find companies with 150-200 cr turnovers with offices and factories in 4-5 countries.

For long the story was “India grows at night while the government sleeps”.

Then a  A liberal case for a strong state was made. And a narrative for a “strong” state was sold.

And now we have a lot of “chamchas” and “crooks” and their visions and schemes being advanced in the name of “promotion of entrepreneurship by a strong state”.

But no matter,India has risen from below. We are a bottom up success, unlike China, which is a top down success. And because our success is from below, it is more heroic and also more enduring.

Self-made Indian entrepreneurs will survive and thrive no matter the “fashionable” opinions of the day.

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