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wealthymattersA gentleman attracted by my media tag, buttonholed me to ask why the media was so negative on the economy?
Short answer, I’m leery of all rosy stories involving leverage and predictions. And Modinomics involves huge credit creation. Debts become due some or other day and we can’t avoid paying them ,unless we plan on reneging on our word.
Making predictions about factors not within our control is a bit of nonsense. And Modiji’s vision has too many such predictions.

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  1. Bhavikks says:

    Recently I was at a conference having FII’s & DII’s and was talking to one representative of FII and they are so so confident on we indian investors that they say we (FII) have full faith on Indian economy and thats y we (FII) come back again and again, whereas Indian investors themself has no confidence in their own economy and this infact helps we FII’s to play well. Indian investors watches our investment figures coming and going but they forget the fact that we FII have very limited options to be invested into and so India has always been one of them..
    Bottom line foreigners are here to stay, they buy and will sell but will be back again and again
    Have faith in Indian Economy guys 🙂
    Thanks for updating maam 🙂

    • Bhavikk its not so much faith or not.

      The Indian economy is the Indian economy. No point in ignoring its ills/short comings and at the same time no point in discounting its strengths. Unrealistic assessments are no way to make money!

      Also professional money management is a business like any other. To be successful in this business, it helps if a person knows how to and actually makes money for investors, but quite often being a star sales-person counts for more! Commissions and brokerages ultimately pay the bills!

      Given their positions, professional money managers can’t be expected to say other than what they do in public. Behind closed doors, things become different. And its interesting to see where these guys actually have their own money and how well they are doing.

      Developed countries today have a lot of alpha rich and people who prefer to hand over their money to professionals. Also there is a lot of liquidity sloshing round their economies. Due to structural reasons, they cant manage vigorous economic activity, so they must seek growth and investment opportunities elsewhere. And they have their own money managing companies and their marketing machinery. These stories are how these companies attract the investors to survive! Not all foreign funds are making money for their investors!

      FIIs will come and go as suits their best interests or whatever looks like the lesser evil.

      We Indians had best focus on acquiring the stocks of good domestic companies at great prices rather than bothering about FIIs and the money they pour into the stock markets. How wealthy accumulation of stocks of a company makes you in the long run, has very little correlation with the ebb and flow of the stock markets on a short term basis.

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