Shopclues Sucks

Shopclues, just like OLX and Quikr seems to be indulging is some sharp practices thought up by their SEO personnel. The latter two merely stuff their sites with false ads with wrong contact details, to make their site seem busier than they are and rank for more combinations on search engines. They have investors who need to be impressed and their income comes from ads which pay depending on the amount of of supposed web traffic on their site, which they try to increase by cheating. And of course,they earn from featured classifieds, though I’m sure most of us willing to go for the paid classified way would take our business to better places. These false classifieds are a pain, but after a while we learn to spot them easily by the same pictures used, suspicious names and addresses.  Shopclues goes one step further, to compete with other e-commerce sites, they hope to attract bargain minded customers via price comparison sites and google ads which feature products at great prices on the Shopclues site. The rub is when customers pay for the products and expect delivery.Then Shopclues has in place a splendid system to save itself from losses and make it hard for people to collect on the promises they have made to customers.

I happened to find this out after purchasing a Godrej video door phone on 3rd from their site. First, there was an e-mail intimating delay, then another on last Sunday asking whether I’d like to cancel or be prepared to wait till 12th or even upto 15th of this month. I chose the third option. However today morning I received an e-mail intimating me that they had received my cancellation request. No matter that this was an option that I had deliberately not opted for in their last communication. Soon after there was an e- mail from them that they had started the process to charge back my money. Meanwhile, talking to their customer service I heard many different versions of what was supposed to have happened. First there was talk of the seller not updating things on the site, so Shopclues was not at fault. That’s when I asked then to talk to the seller and sort things out between themselves, as I had dealt with this seller via Shopclues and the company could not wash its hands off the matter. Secondly, I was told the story that the item was “sold out” when I bought it and I had to point out that I took the precaution of filtering out not-in-stock items. Then there was talk of 1000s of visitors purchasing the item by the second,then I had to point out that the given merchant was supposed to be new and had not yet shipped out any orders as per their own records available on the site. Then I was told that the merchant does not have the item and Shopclues could not procure it from other sellers as they had promised via their previous e-mails. I then had to point out that the product is freely available in the market and on their own site from other merchants at  different price-points. So now its only a matter of who stomachs the loss of time and money.
Here is my last communication with the company, let’s see what happens now:
As I have already indicated on phone, where I was put on hold indefinitely, I am not interested in refunds initiated by your company on its own initiative, but in securing this product ASAP.
Please have your customer service head call me back on 919920527208 ASAP with your company’s final decision on whether you wish to settle with me, by procuring for me ,the self same or closest matching product available on your site at a different price point, with your company bearing the difference in cost or whether your company wishes to meet me in court for deceptive advertisement and deficient service.
As your website carries inadequate information on the internal organization of your company, to ensure justice, I will have to perforce sue your CEO, with all the attendant publicity.
Please be assured that I have maintained copies of all e-mails originating from your company, screenshots of various web pages I was directed to and records of telephone calls with your helpline personnel. They fully record the different stands taken by your company at different points in time.
I don’t appreciate being lied to, having my time wasted while people come up with ways to stonewall my complaints and being played for a fool.
To cancel orders on your own initiative and now take the plea that you are helpless as refund has been initiated is no answer. I am willing to demit the money again as long as you supply me the same product from you marketplace and yourself or in partnership with the merchant at fault, should there really be such a merchant in fact, bear the difference in price.
Should I not hear back from your company by tomorrow, I will take to mean that you prefer to take the matter to court.

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  2. kush goswami says:

    hey same thing was happend with me i’m not investing more money but when i read all the vivewers cmnts then i decide to go consumercourt. and also i have recording with there customercare represenative or mail’s or msgs or slip for replacement..

    • Great let’s wait till we are a huge number to share the costs of going to court. In the mean time, every comment means that this post rises in google search and is a constant expose of Shopclues.

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