Out Of The Box Thinking To Make Capital

wealthymatters“I heard a story how a company made its capital back in 1970s in Kerala.  There was a manufacture who wanted to install a huge machinery in a pit prepared in their factory. The machinery was very heavy and delivered by its manufacturer at the site of installation. Now placing the machinery in the right position near 30 feet below the ground level was a big problem. It should be handled carefully otherwise it will damage the base as well as the machinery.

Remember huge cranes were not available in those days as they are today. Many quoted for the job and all of them thought of bringing crane from other locations and get the job done and they all quoted above Rs.10 lakh to 15lakh.Somebody also enquired if there is a problem if the machinery get wet with water. The answer was ‘no’.  

One person quoted only Rs.5 lakh. Naturally the company assigned the work to him. But he was unwilling to disclose how he is going to handle the job. He only said he has the right people and expertise to get it done.  He also asked the company to fix the date and time for installation.

Finally the day arrived.Everybody was so anxious to see what is happening.So far there is no preparations.  Soon there appeared a few lorries full of ice blocks.And they unloaded it into the pit.When the pit was full they pushed the machinery to top of the ice blocks.A portable pump was brought in to pump the water away as the ice was melting.The job was finished perfectly in 4 to 5 hours and at a cost of below 1 Lakh.So the contractor made more than Rs.4 lakh profit in the deal!!” – Crowly Mathew Arackal

Moral of the story? Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. If you can solve practical problems you can make money.So you don’t have to get investors to invest in your business to get started.

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