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wealthymattersI love technology. I love the fact that technology is a force multiplier. Technology helps us leverage our energy and skills and get more done in less time, less money, less pain and less wastage. That said, I am a fan of ‘value for money’ technology. I look for robustness and reliability and the best possible trade-off between use-value and money. And blame it on a strong Venus in Libra, I look for great design and aesthetics in my possessions.

Apple has its aesthetics, but its pricing puts me off. Sinking good money on a fast depreciating “asset” or is it “toy?” or writing it off as ‘splurging on an experience’ bothers me. My brain gets fixated on the mathematics that show that instead of sinking my money in one such device, if I banked it, the interest alone will guarantee me a life-time supply of mid-priced devices. And somewhere I am a lazy gal too. Earning an Apple again and again, all my life, doesn’t cut it for me. So I am always on the lookout to get a premium experience at a cut price.

This bargain hunting led me to discover ASUS. It was the wholesalers at Lamington Road who first got me interested in the company. They acquainted me with the fact that ASUS manufactured Apple Products. Link. And at the time I was persuaded to buy an ASUS Motherboard. And my experience led me to consider the brand while choosing other devices. Last year, I replace my Dell laptop with an ASUS one, when a variation of a HP model I wanted was unavailable in India. And I am well satisfied. The design looks good and the machine performs well and if the machine lasts through its 3 year warranty period, I’ll consider it money well spent.

At the moment, I own a Windows Phone and the fact that not enough apps are developed for the Windows ecosystem is proving to be a drag. Now, I bought my Nokia Lumia for its reliability, decent camera and sound quality, at a reasonable price-point and not half bad looks. Now I am on the hunt for an Android Phone with similar virtues. I believe the soon to be launched ASUS Zenfone-2 (Link) might be just the thing for me. ASUS generally pays attention to design, looks and customer experience. And I am impressed by the 4GB Ram and the promise of the 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras. That these cameras are designed to work very well in low-light is a big plus. My Nokia is not bad in the photo department and I have some lovely pics of flamingos and other marsh animals taken with it. But I would love to have a camera that does better when it comes to capturing street scenes after dark. As I always have a few mantras and EDM tracks at hand to play as needed in the course of the day, I still need to check out the sound quality of these phones. But given the sleek design and beautiful covers of these phones, if this phone meets my sound quality requirement, I’m definitely going to grab one.

Wondering what these covers are that I am speaking about, just take a look:







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