How To Deal With Negativity

wealthymatters.comThere was once a small child who was moved to a different region due to his father’s job. It was the first day at his new school. He came home crying that the students were making fun of him being too thin. His parents tried to convince him that such things do happen in the first few days at a new school and it will be fine once he makes new friends. However, this continued for many days and everyday he would come home crying about the same thing.

One day, he told his grandmother when she visited him. He said “Grandma, I have never hurt anybody, I have never done anything bad to anyone, but why do they keep teasing me every day?” Understanding the situation of her grandchild, she gave a small task for him to do the next day.

She said “Tomorrow, carry a bottle without cap having water filled up to the brim. You should not let even a drop of water be spilled out till the end of the day and you should bring it home with the same amount of water. If you do this, the other children will not tease you.”

The child sincerely did as told and came home merrily the next day saying that none of the kids teased him. Grandma replied “This is how it works my child. People keep passing comments, no matter how perfect and good you are. To survive and be happy, you should change your focus towards your passion and motivate yourself to achieve it instead of caring about those comments. The other children did tease you today but you ignored them as you were focusing on spilling the water.

The secret is, not to give ears to what society has to say but focus on what you really like and proceed to live doing the stuff you love.

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2 Responses to How To Deal With Negativity

  1. BellyBytes says:

    What a lovely story ! We all need reminders like this to keep our lives focused on things that matte and ignore those that don’t .

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