Try Your Luck Calling The Lucky 6

Lucky 6Know your brands? Love them?Watch the stock markets and follow share-price movements carefully? Then the new free to play social game, Lucky 6 from Fat Cat is just the thing for you.

Lucky 6 is a truly free, fun, competitive and engaging social game that offers you the chance to win a lottery-style cash jackpot and other grand prizes.

Lucky 6 is based on a simple lottery format, with famous brand names replacing spinning balls. You, the player, pick six favourite brands and watch the game progress over the course of the day.  During the game the rankings of each brand constantly change, based on the positive movement in the company’s share prices. And you can watch as your favourite brands move up and down the leader board and you move in and out of the money. You can post your rankings to friends and challenge them to see whose combo ranks the highest. At the end of each game, the six top ranked brands are the winning combo.

By sharing games you enjoy, you are able to interact with your friends and have fun at the same time.Messages requesting help with a game from a contact you have neglected, act as a reminder to get in touch, or just pique curiosity about how you are progressing in the game. While a similar request from a close friend becomes part of your social routine.The social elements of  games make them more addictive and they become more than  just a casual pastime and become a fun way to keep in touch.

With Lucky 6, you can have hours of fun,competing and sharing with friends.In fact,sharing with friends is the most rewarding aspect of the game.  If you introduce a friend to the game, the friend automatically becomes part of your “crowd”. When it comes to the cash jackpot, if one of your “crowd” is lucky enough to have picked the correct combo, you  still win a “sharer bonus” prize equal to 25% of the cash jackpot paid to your friend. So now you will be the person who introduced your friend to the game, and your friend will be the person who shared his good fortune with you. What a great way to bond! And now there is no fear of offending people by bothering them to participate in games that mostly benefit the makers and possibly you, at a cost to your friend.Also,if no one picks the Lucky 6 correctly, there is still a luxury holiday up for grabs for the player with the highest score ,the highest score being based on the overall ranking of your choices. So luck could still favour you, even if you don’t manage to get all the Lucky 6 right.

So go ahead and get the free to download Fat Cat app and start playing. And don’t forget to share.He who shares, wins, for the more you share, the greater your chance of winning! The Fat Cat app is available for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Windows Phone users are out in the cold!


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