Ladies,Toot Your Own Horns,Seek Sponsors,Speak Your Mind And Ask For What You Want

wealthymatters“Women are particularly less good than men at marketing themselves because of the natural socialisation process. They have been trained to be a little quieter, and to be seen and not heard. So I do counsel my female colleagues to make sure that they do have a presence, that the great work they are doing is known.”-Irene Rosenfeld, CEO, Mondelez

In 1996, when Rosenfeld’s boss asked her what her ideal next job might be, she replied clearly that having run two General Foods divisions, she felt ready to head a free standing business. Three weeks later, her boss called to ask if she wanted the job.”Saying what you want will increase the likelihood that things will play out the way you want.”

“I am often asked about what advice I would give to leaders, both male and female, and I have very similar advice for either gender. It is about making a difference, taking risks, seeking out mentors and asking for what you want.”-Irene Rosenfeld

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2 Responses to Ladies,Toot Your Own Horns,Seek Sponsors,Speak Your Mind And Ask For What You Want

  1. freddie says:

    Pretty great post.I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

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