Losing The Fear Of Poverty

wealthymattersMany people stick to jobs they detest. Why? It’s often the fear of poverty and the fear they can’t manage without a regular source of income. Not having a regular source of income, is far from ideal and stressful, but many people learn to manage and it gives them an shakeable confidence in their ability to weather financial reversals in life. Quite unlike the multi-millionaire here:Link

Here is the story of Sagar Yadav to help you lose your fear of poverty:

“I came to Mumbai at one point of my life, and had to live on Rs 10 per day for 40 days. In a week, I arranged to sleep for free in a office which was closed at the night – guess how – by becoming a security guard there – so that was double beneficial for me. I used to eat at temples – and learned a lot about religion which I could not otherwise. I used to wash my clothes at Dhobi Ghat without soap. There is some soup/detergent always left in cracks of stones where clothes are washed – I used to sit it out and wash my clothes from there. This was important as I had to give modelling auditions and needed to be in good clothes for that. Where did I use Rs 10 per day budget – I used some of it for shaving equipment – a Razer (Rs 20), and the rest I gave as charity to more poor and younger than me whom I had met during this time.

Enjoy this moment, adore it – poverty teaches you things that riches can’t. Plus-point, it will give you qualities of self-confidence, innovative-ness and respect for the poor. You will never pity the poor – money is with the prostitute also, respect is not. Many poor live a respectable life. Only a minuscule of poor beg and do things for money that they shouldn’t. Other’s are happy and respectful, hard working people – who may do very well with small help from you or the system.”

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    This really speaks to me. A very deep read.

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