Helping 1% Style

wealthymatters1)If you are the 1%, your problems are similar to those like you and that’s a miniscule minority. By focussing on solving the problems of the masses, you have a greater chance of making more money. Hence, the thing about focusing on the market at the bottom of the pyramid.

2)When employees have their own problems, they cannot focus on helping you solve yours. So by helping employees, you ensure that they can focus on their work and help you succeed. Hence, the focus on employee welfare.

3)Making money is hard, keeping money is harder. What if tomorrow you are no longer the 1% and all your 1% friends ignore you, you will need at least one of the 99% to help you. Hence, the focus on helping people of proven loyalty.

4)Invest in people. If 1 out of thousand people you have helped turn the favor one day, it is a great deal. Hence, the focus on supporting the talented, those with special skills and those with prospects.

Helping is resource intensive, so help strategically.

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  1. rajesh says:

    excellent , really helpfull blog .

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