Signs Your Husband Is Hiding Money

wealthymattersYou may have good reason to be suspicious if your husband:

• Maintains complete control of bank account information and online passwords.

• Is secretive about financial affairs.

• Owns a P.O. box or private mail drop box, which receives account statements and bills.

• Has meaningful unreimbursed business account expenses.

• Deletes one or more personal financial programs, Quicken or Quickbooks.

• Says the computer containing important financial records has mysteriously “crashed.” Then, he removes the hard drive for a data retrieval attempt, and it’s never to be seen again.

• Acts pushy when obtaining signatures on important documents, like tax returns and deeds. “I need to get this to our accountant today,” he insists.

• Proposes an execution of mutual durable power of attorneys for “estate planning” purposes.

• Enjoys out-of-town business junkets with his befriended, slippery financial advisor.

• Develops SIDS (Sudden Income Deficit Syndrome). “My business is failing” suddenly crops up.

• Suffers an income decrease without a corresponding reduction of expenses.

• Binges on unusual purchases of flashy items, such as a car and jewelry.

• Reports a dramatic decrease in value of marital and/or business investments.

• Owns multiple cell phones or numbers over a relatively short period of time.

• Makes frequent trips to countries with relaxed banking laws.

• Exhibits childish greed and claims of entitlement.

• Makes unusual purchases of toys or art that could be sold later.

• Starts drawing on large amounts of debt.

• Is involved in drug abuse.

• Gambles more frequently than usual and is placing money “on account” with casinos.

• Opens multiple business or personal bank accounts without obvious reasons for having that many.


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