Valuing Your Time

There are always endless opportunities for networking, investing in businesses and becoming part of new businesses being launched or simply helping out others. So where do you give of your time, attention and energy?

I have a simple formula for deciding what to do.

Decide how many hours a day you are prepared to devote to work. Then decide how many days in the year you are prepared to work. So now you know the total number of hours a year you are prepared to work.

Next find you exactly how much you made in the last three years and calculate the average of these figures. Then decide how much you can realistically make in the given year.

Now calculate how much you have made on an average per hour in the past and how much you need to make per hour this year. Straight away delete all invitations that don’t promise to give you this much value.

Money is often made in tranches, but don’t wait endlessly for the money to make an appearance.

Talk is cheap.Its purposeful action that builds businesses. Keep away from all businesses where talk is not backed by money and action.

Also, don’t fall into the trap of chasing the supposedly famous, influential etc. Quite likely you are chasing people hoping to sell you “opportunities”. And opportunities are remarkably cheap. You can easily make a few yourself.

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