Donations And Sponsorships

wealthymattersThis post is in response to a comment from a wealthymatters reader who was so moved by what he read in one of my posts as to want to donate money to get the message across to more people.

He raised the issue of the lack of a donate button on my blog to make the process hassle free.So,this weekend onwards wealthymatters carries a donate button on the right margin through which donations of any amount can be made in any currency of the world.The transactions are via PayPal.But you don’t need to have a PayPal account to donate to or sponsor wealthymatters.Any credit or debit card will work just fine.Similarly internet banking is another option.To use these options,please use the very inconspicuous link PayPal provides towards the bottom left of the page.

Also if you have any specific requests of how your money should be used,please note them in the space marked purpose.


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One Response to Donations And Sponsorships

  1. Kavya Nair says:

    I am a medical student , Requesting financial support as a loan ,I am sure that I can repay that ,which can help me in pursuing my MBBS, or some helpful person to Sponsor me, Plse Help me.
    Kavya Nair
    Devikripa.Pari. Palakkad
    Kerala.678612. INDIA
    Contact Number : 09436114053
    My account no: 33913297604 (SBI Palakkad)

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