Commercial Sign Design and Installation

wealthymattersA business that occupies a building needs to have the appropriate signs in order to attract customers and also provide clear directions to anyone else. There are various solutions for sign displays in commercial settings. There are products available for small storefronts in single story buildings and there are also products made for high rising office buildings.

Corporate buildings often have attractive signs that make a major statement. For example, there may be large installations of the company’s name and logo right above the main entrance. It is also important to have the official number of the building clearly visible from the street. Displays are often made of high quality metal alloys such as stainless steel and aluminum. Each letter and number may be carved out precisely and then polished and processed for a smooth texture. Of course, it is important for outdoor signs to have weatherproof properties.

Special coatings might be applied onto signs in order to prevent damage from precipitation. Additionally, the installations should also resist corrosion and other chemical reactions that occur with the air and outdoor elements. Solar radiation might also cause some damage to outdoor signs. For example, metal tends to heat up quite fast when exposed directly to the sun. Therefore, coatings might be applied to reflect harmful UV rays. However, the reflective properties should not be too intense because of the concern for damage to people’s eyes that might look directly at the signs during the daytime. Three dimensional sign production is possible. For example, rooftop displays can be made in unique extrusions of letters and numbers. Surely, such signs make a major statement for anyone that sees the display. Trying to visit and other websites is an example of seeking commercial sign display solutions.

Illumination is another key component of commercial signs. Some displays might have internal light bulbs that provide colorful effects thanks to technology such as LED and halogen. Phosphorescent lights might also be installed in order to provide a colorful illumination of commercial signs during the night time. It is also possible to directly shine light onto a sign via powerful projector like fixtures that are mounted above or below the sign. Some modern lights actually have solar panels that can save businesses some money on illuminating signs and other outdoor fixtures. Contemporary companies should always try to go green with building operations.

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