So What Does The Person Really Want?

wealthymattersPersonally I like it best when a person uses the direct approach.So if they want something and they ask me nicely,I give them a prompt yes or no along with a reason,if required.If there are terms and conditions to my agreement,I outline them on the spot.If there is a wait,I make an attempt to set correct expectations.

If this about a sale or purchase I expect the other person to come to the table after having thought out what price they can live with.

I dislike long drawn out correspondence and fishing expeditions,along with the incidental time waste.

Unfortunately,in life I can’t always avoid the people who are too smart by half.They will always insist on taking an indirect and round about route,attempt to find out how interested I am,what is the maximum limit to which I will accommodate their demands,push me to give-up more,try to make me react to false leads,lie by omission or even commission,try to make me commit more by taking advantage of my hopes,introduce vague proposals that might be worked on in future as long as the current deal goes through on terms favourable to them,try to hold back on objectives of declared interest to me to try and force better terms for themselves,deliberately show interest in something else to draw attention from what they really want,play it cool by pretending disinterest,busyness etc.

In all these cases I find it best to downgrade the interaction,allot time only when I have nothing better to do,listen to all the stories and look for the points to which these very smart people keep returning to.This is what they really want and this is their weak spot.All the drama is to mask this weakness.They often have no option but to take whatever,if anything is offered to them.And they have no other prospects to pitch their deal to.


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