Just Get Up And Keep Walking

Keep Walking

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7 Responses to Just Get Up And Keep Walking

  1. Even if it’s your mother?

    • Well have a talk with her.Tell her how you feel.If she doesn’t show concern and attempt to change her ways,draw up some boundaries and avoid her company.
      At the very least mothers should not be deliberately making their children unhappy.

      • Well, you said it. In response – your first sentence: I did. Second: I did make that pretty clear. Third: She didn’t at all. Just the opposite, amplified her verbal abuse, harrasment, and criticism. Forth: Done to a point of not talking to her or seeking her presence for three consecutive years now. Not planning to change anything about that situation any time soon. Last one: Couldn’t agree with you more!
        Thank you so much! 🙂

        • You’re welcome.
          Yes,normally we do have a responsibility to our parents,especially as they age or become infirm.But parents need to first earn this privilege of assured care by their children by being good or at least adequate parents.

  2. BellyBytes says:

    good advice but hard to follow. there are many people hurt in the process

    • Sunita I find that in life I sometimes have to prescribe myself some bitter medicine so that I can ultimately get ahead.
      People pleasing often flows from self esteem issues.And other people can and do use us if we are always concerned about pleasing them.Just ask yourself if the people you are so keen to avoid hurting are equally concerned about not hurting you and what do they do about their concerns.
      Yes,its hard to assert oneself in this way,especially for us convent school types who are taught to serve others and be good girls.But I live, not in a convent serving the world but in the brutal world of business.Life has taught me to never isolate myself,be without my own networks,resources and sources of cash.Its impossible never to make a mistake,but I never have to be a bigger fool than I have to be and not for one second longer than necessary.Its my life and I am responsible for my well being.

      • And obviously to walk out you need alternate options.Its all about growing your options,learning to take back power by saying no and not giving in and just exercising these options when necessary.
        My experience is that merely having these options means that predators will bypass you for they always target the weakest who can be isolated and would be predators respect your boundaries.

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