Sharu Ragnekar’s Gyan

How to learn Management from your wife

Sharu Rangnekar always tells his male management students to learn “How to Handle the Boss” from their wives.

When a man gets married, he is the Boss but within three months, he realizes that he is not the Boss. This is because his wife has managed to handle three things :

1) His insecurity
2) His ego
3) His idiosyncrasies

Here is Rangnekar’s illustration of how a wife goes about doing this:

1) Once while meeting an American friend over lunch, Rangnekar  found  him looking distracted and over-anxious to get back to his job. Rangnekar  asked his friend what was so important about the job that he couldn’t’ slack off for half an hour! The man replied, “See if I botch up this assignment , I’ll get fired and if I lose my job, I’ll lose my wife.”
“How can that be?”argued Rangnekar  , “In India my wife will never leave me even if I want her to!”
“How can you be so sure?” bantered the friend.
“Simple,” replied Rangnekar .”This is a cultural thing. You see, every year my wife keeps a fast like hundreds of other Indian women to ensure that she will have the same husband for seven lifetimes. Now whether we will be together for seven lifetimes is debatable, but the fact that she doesn’t want to lose me in this lifetime makes me secure in the knowledge that she will never leave me!”

2) Every time a mother tries to control her kids, she comes up with this one liner that is sure to get results,”Just wait till I tell your father!”. This same line is used to control lots of other recalcitrant workers like the driver, the maid or even a persistent salesman “I will have to discuss this with my husband.”Even though she is the ultimate decision maker, the husband’s ego is sufficiently massaged to know that his wife portrays him to the world as the Last Word.

3) Everyone has idiosyncrasies ( men and women included) but the Indian wife knows how to pander to her man by watching her mother-in-law.  No one else understands a man’s kinks the way his wife does and she will do anything to make sure he is happy and smiling.

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