Marrying A Man Is Easy, Marrying His Mother Is Not.

wealthymattersIt is my observation that two women cannot share a man and a woman is more possessive of her son than she is of her husband. So it is a natural reaction for every woman to resent the son’s wife who not only displaces the mother in terms of affection but also in terms of attention . In the normal course of events the mother chooses her son’s bride so she is more amenable to the new woman in her son’s life and unless the bride turns out to be a monster, the relationship can be cordial if not pleasant and loving. But God forbid, the man chooses his own bride, the mother already has her hackles up and for the young woman to win her heart she has to climb mountains, do somersaults, hang upside down, walk over coals and smile through every calamity. Marrying a man is easy, marrying his mother is not.

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2 Responses to Marrying A Man Is Easy, Marrying His Mother Is Not.

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    LoL! 🙂 I LIKE your good-natured sense of humor!

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