wealthymattersMany people find my criteria of a potential spouse hard to stomach.There  always the charges of elitism,entitlement,greed and a paucity of romantic feelings.Today I am glad to find the following,penned by an older person I admire.She’s been married for three decades and has raised two very successful daughters.I’d be happy to be like her,when I reach her stage in life.Anyways, what’s so excessive in expecting men in their  late thirties to have found a measure of business and social success,have some savings ,understand something about relationships and be ready for the constraints imposed by responsibilities?

For the past several months now I’ve been hearing stories of how good girls from good families are finding spouses in men who normally won’t even be considered suitable  let alone be eventually chosen as Mr. Right. This is a problem across the board , one faced by every community and from every part of the world. Every mother of a daughter says that she can’t find a good match for her daughter while every mother of a son says that she can’t find a suitable bride for her son. Obviously this has led to lowering the bar which has resulted in some very disappointing and unexpected matrimonial alliances…..

Today I heard of yet another case of a girl making an unusual choice: a man professionally as far removed as possible from her “industrial” family and  geographically, culturally and socially at the other end of the spectrum but as the other idiom goes.Marriages are made in heaven and lived in hell!


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