The Arowana Fish

wealthymattersIn Chinese, the Arowana is called Kam Lung Yue which means Golden Dragon Fish. It has large shiny scales that resembles the powerful and mythical dragon. It is known as the ‘fish of the rich and famous’ because live Arowanas are extremely expensive,especially the older ones.This fish can grow up to 3-4 feet long (120cm) and it can live at least 25 years.

In Feng Shui,the Arowanas are a  symbol of supremacy, prosperity, wealth, strength, good luck, happiness and power. It is believed that this fish helps drive away evil spirits and bad luck.Hence this fish is a potent energizer of wealth and an auspicious Feng Shui  symbol to keep for those looking to increase their wealth , multiply their sources of income or opportunities to make money.

It is believed that the most auspicious areas to keep the Arowana fishes or alternatively their pictures or idols are the north, east, southeast and southwest. Displaying this symbol in the North sector of the house, office desk etc. is supposed to give a boost to the career. Displaying it in the Southeast corner of the home or in the office reception counter is believed to help energize your wealth luck. It can also be placed in the corner diagonal to the front door. Keeping the symbol in East improves the family well being.

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