Gold Fish For Wealth

walthymattersThe gold fish is associated with abundance and wealth in feng shui.This is because not only do they multiply fast but the Chinese word for fish (yu) is pronounced the same way as abundance!Also the gold colour of the goldfish brings the desired association with gold and their gracious movements creates good energy in the place where the aquarium  is placed.

The typical number of gold fish in a feng shui aquarium is 9 (8 brightly coloured gold fish and 1 black gold fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck.The combination of eight red and one black fish symbolizes prosperity, energy and good fortune. The black goldfish is believed to be a symbol of protection. If the black fish dies without any known cause, such as under-oxygenated water, overfeeding or lack of food, it is believed that the fish died from absorbing bad luck that was meant for you. In fact, many people believe that if any fish in the tank dies without a justifiable cause, then its sacrifice was to spare you the bad luck that was headed your way.

The southeast section of your office or home is believed to be the best location for a fish tank to activate wealth and prosperity.

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