Budget Solitaires

To get the maximum effect for your money,here’s what you can do to cut corners while shopping for solitaires.But remember,you get what you pay for.So some compromises are OK,especially if the solitaire is to be be set in jewellery and you, and if necessary others around you,can’t tell the difference.But something too cheap might have a poor cut,flaws that weaken the stone etc.So don’t be too cheap when it comes to engagement rings.Also,if you are buying for investment purposes,the factors that attract you to a cheap stone will in future attract other bargain minded buyers.Think about this if you hope for premium prices later.

Budget Solitaires

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2 Responses to Budget Solitaires

  1. BellyBytes says:

    Interesting …..but can you really trust online retailers of diamonds?

    • Cheap is cheap for a reason.And different grading agencies have different standards……even in case of quality diamonds,owners shop for the best grading.Online.there is a lot of self grading that goes round.Your best bet would be to ask for a home viewing or at least payment on delivery.

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