Tax Load On Your Car

Have you ever wondered why owning a car abroad seems so much easier?Here’s your answer:

Taxes On Cars


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5 Responses to Tax Load On Your Car

  1. BellyBytes says:

    Well cars are luxuries but the way our Government functions roads will be luxuries too!

    • Pavements definitely are!

  2. Neha Sharma says:

    So true is painful buying a car in India. Having an excruciating time with loan formalities and no respite for tax as well 😦

    • Well, the powers that be in India have decided that cars are big luxuries that Indians have to jump through hoops to acquire and enjoy.
      At least we are one step ahead of the time when the Ambassador was judged to be the only suitable car for Indians.

      • Neha Sharma says:

        Oh, well 😦

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