Men And Their Excuses

wealthymattersA diamond ring might not be number one on every woman’s wish list of gifts from her SO.But who amongst us doesn’t enjoy gifts?Personally I find generosity very appealing.And I don’t just mean generosity in the sense of large numbers or even large figures as a proportion of income,savings,net-worth etc.There is something as the perceived intention of the gift ,the time,thought,attention and effort that have gone into procuring it and the the hopes and the freeness with which it is given.The calculation seen behind so many of these responses (Link)is so very repelling.Whats so great about receiving conditional gifts?And do we really want to be with people who judge us by our gift preferences?And where there is a convergence of personal values where is there any scope for any negative judgments?

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7 Responses to Men And Their Excuses

  1. BellyBytes says:

    I agree with you….a diamond may be a materialistic expression of love but it helps to look at it and remember the person who gave it to you, especially when you’re mad at him!

    • I’ll second that comment when I go out and get some real life experience!
      But in the meantime I can say that men who hash forking out for traditional symbols are a real turn off! Between being cheap and going broke by going overboard there is a great deal of space to accommodate a lot of opinions!

  2. Alex Jones says:

    A rose can be as appealing as a diamond psychologically as a gift.

    • Perhaps.Depends on the circumstances.
      In this case its men debating the merits of getting their fiancees an engagement ring and for how much.And whether it was worth all the bother at all.
      Hopefully people marry only the people they esteem and to mark the occasion they can gracefully offer the best their money can buy.

    • All round I found a lot of Cheap Charlies with high sounding arguments for why women should settle for less and be glad they were getting great catches like them,

      • Alex Jones says:

        There is a danger in the argument of reducing love to material objects.

        • The way things work,.women who show/admit an interest in expensive gifts are branded materialistic and automatically people who don’t understand or care about love.The alternative of considering them practical,rarely happens.On the other hand,stingy men who make it a point to cite every high brow argument for why women should settle for roses are not called on to defend their understanding of love.
          Diamonds might not be environment friendly but who is to say modern rose farming is environmentally sound?
          The best situation is possibly when people get together with others of the same level of materialism.Then there is unlikely to be a huge rights and wrongs decision before buying or giving every gift.
          Believe it or not,,on that discussion board there is a gentleman who prefers to tone down the engagement ring in lieu of a cheque to a charity……why not just marry the charity itself?

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