Rent A Villa Abroad

wealthymattersI love to travel.But organized tours and business hotels are not really my thing.The strict timetables of the former and the sameness of the latter take away from my enjoyment of a place.The over the top luxury of the top end  hotels of the Dubai variety,is exciting but not always restful and pretty soon budget too becomes an issue.

Personally my best experiences have come from family managed inns and motels.Not only have they been extremely pocket friendly but the rooms and their decor refuse to fade into a sameness in my memory.The personalities of the staff and their knowledge have helped me get more out of my holidays.And often the food they served or the take-away they recommended has turned out to be more satisfying than 5 star fare.

Today I came across PPA villa properties.This website is a great place to look for lodging options if you wish to enjoy a leisurely vacation in France,Italy,Spain,Switzerland,North Africa or Thailand.The website lists properties in these counties region-wise along with the facilities available on them and the number of guests who can comfortably share the premises.You can search through these properties according to your weekly budget and the time of the year you wish to travel.

Renting these villas is a great idea if you are travelling with your family,especially your extended family or a bunch of friends.This way,you can enjoy greater privacy and space at a fraction of the cost of staying in a luxury hotel.

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