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Here is an interesting piece I came across today.Its definitely worth thinking over.

Smart Women Marry Money…with Conditions

Marriage is one of the biggest investment in your life. You will invest your time into someone. Unlike money, you cannot earn back the time you lose. Smart women know that they need to invest their lives wisely.

 5 Reasons Why I Will Marry Money

1. There is nothing wrong about that

I grew up as an élite in Vietnam. My father is a financial and real estate investor. Anyone he introduces to me would be in the same industry and most likely they all have money…a lot of money. Why would I marry someone without money when I can marry one with money? It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one.  When two people come from the same background, it is so much easier for them to relate to the other. There are many amazing men out there but it is easier to find someone who is in my circles already.

It is ok for men to marry pretty women, but people always judge when  women marry wealthy men. Why don’t they think she marries into wealth because she deserves it? Marriage is a business. If both parties are happy, there should not be a problem. Some marriage will last, some won’t.  Smart women control their lives, they don’t let other people do it. They do what is the best for them, and a lot of time marry money is one of them.

2.The type of men that I love would always be wealthy.

I am used to be around super successful and powerful men.I don’t feel safe around men without a brain and clear vision. I know really well how the roller coaster of life looks like. I am not ready to share my life with someone who I don’t feel secure with.  All my life I expect to marry an ambitious intelligent man who is willing to take risk because I feel safe around them. In life usually those men are very successful. Success goes together with wealth and power. Is it wrong to marry a person I love? I don’t think so.

Smart women usually want to share their lives with smart men. Smart men dream big and take big action. They always fight to get what they want. At the end they usually get rewarded with a successful career.

3.  Poor Men are more dangerous.

Who is more dangerous: a man with everything or the man with nothing? They are both dangerous. However a wealthy men has more ties. Anything he does will affect his personal brand/reputation,wealth, power, and  social status. He has more responsibilities , anything he does might affect many people’s lives. A poor man has nothing to lose. NOTHING.

My future husband would less likely to leave his family because his stocks are going down if there is a scandal. A happy family usually looks better for business. He will have to pay great price for any mistake he makes.

If my future husband has no money, I have no idea what he would do. Of course there are always some exception. Most of the time, it is true.

Smart women usually go for a more secure option. There are investments you need to take risk, marriage is not one of them.  Wealthy men are more stable than ones with nothing

4 . I want a stable life for my children.

My family went bankrupt when I was a kid. We had everyone including family turned against us. It was hard. I want a more secure life for my children because I don’t want they to experience what I had. What if I get very sick and I can provide them the best life? Their father will. What if I want to stay home and homeschool my children? My family will be able to afford that because my husband will be able to provide us a decent life without me working. There is nothing wrong about wanting to provide your kids the best life. Of course money does not warranty happiness it but it makes life easier.

Smart women think about other people not just themselves. Their marriage would have impact on many people, they have to invest their live wisely.

5. I want my marriage to last.

My mother always told me the formula for true love is

True Love = Looks + Health + Wealth + Power + Status + Chemistry

When you love someone for all the things above, the relationship is stronger and more likely to last. It is almost impossible for everything to be gone all at the same time. Wealth is very important in any relationship. The leading cause of divorce is finance. When we have financial problem, we are more likely to fight with our spouse.

I don’t know any investor who would  invest in a company and hope it will go bankrupt. It is the same rule in the business of heart.  When I invest my life into a marriage, I want it to work out. I don’t like divorce, it is messy. It is not  very PR friendly at all. A divorce can have negative impact on business and family’s reputation. I don’t think I like the high price I might have to pay for a divorce. I would prefer to marry a financial stable guy, my marriage will more likely to last.

Smart women think more about the long run than short turn. Marriage is a long-term investment. Most people don’t think about divorce when they get marriage. Smart women would be more likely to marry a man who share the same financial mind-set as her. If she does not depend on any man, no man should depend on her.

But There Is A  Condition – Smart woman only marry men who can make money, not the one who has money.

I know life is like a roller coaster. There are up and down times. I have experience both and I know it is not easy. I am expecting to share both times with my future husband. People turned their back against us when my family lost everything. I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

If I marry a man who was born into money, there is the chance he has no clue how to make money. It is not likely I would marry someone like that because I don’t like them. But if it happens, my life will be miserable when we lose everything. He wouldn’t know how to stand back up. I want to become somebody’s wife, I did not sign up for a babysitting job. I don’t respect people who only know how to spend money especially not their money.

If I marry a man who knows how to make money, no matter what happens he will find a way to back to the top. I don’t mind sharing hard times with him, because I know it is only temporary.

Smart women don’t go after what they can see because it can be just an allusion, they go after the brain. It is easy to lose wealth, power and status; it is harder for a great man to lose his millionaire mind. Smart women marry men with future. He might not be rich now but the money will come.  Marriage is a long-term investment, and smart women know it.

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