How is Alimony Calculated?

wealthymattersThough there is no fixed formula for calculating the alimony payable after divorce, the following points determine the quantum:-

Even if the wife is earning, the court will take into account the husband’s financial status. If his income is very high, the wife will be given some alimony.

If wife is not earning,the court will consider the reasonable needs of the person. The alimony will be fixed to allow her a standard of living equal to that of her husband.

Alimony is for the upkeep of the divorced spouse. As soon as she remarries, the man may stop paying. However, he may still have to pay for the upkeep of the child.

In the rare case of the husband not earning due to a disability while the wife has an income, the man can be awarded alimony by the court.

If there is a child ,the court will  award the expenses incurred for the child’s maintenance, including food, clothing and education, befitting the standard of the family.

Any property bought during the tenure of the marriage is owned 50% by the wife. This does not include inherited or previously purchased property,as the law stands today.

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