Looking For A Jobby Job

wealthymattersThis link takes you to available jobs in India.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you have probably come across the term the Cash Flow Quadrant,else just use the search box at the top of the blog to catch up.If you wish to become wealthy,it helps to have multiple incomes,especially business incomes,to fund investments that put out passive incomes.

The general idea is that our time,energy and attention spans are limited.So instead of working at a job to earn money,it is better to build little money making machines,ie sources of largely passive income,so that we can manage to make money and accumulate wealth without much daily effort.Hence my focus on entrepreneurship and investing in this blog.Even if you are employed full-time,do acquire a part-time business to increase your income and as insurance against the perils of job loss.

So if we are all to be entrepreneurs,ie self-employed or better still employers of other employees why this post on looking for a job?

Jobs have their uses:

1.For the very young,jobs help build a sense of responsibility.In India,parents who can afford to keep their children out of the job/labour market often do their best to keep children studying,playing or hanging out with peers of their own background.So its small wonder if many children don’t have any first hand concept of how fast money is made,doing what.This is something they learn at 25 or even later not at 15.

2.Education can stretch over many years.For some people the only way to fund education and training is to earn the course fees and living expenses.

3.Sometimes learning on the job is a great alternative to formally doing a course.

4.A second job or part-time job reduces the risk of just depending on one job.

5.Savings from salaries often help fund start-ups

6.Jobs provide opportunities to study a business inside out.

7.Sometimes businesses fail or don’t take off.Jobs are a way to keep a roof over the head.

8.Sometimes,a few years in the corporate world,help develop the networks and contacts necessary to successfully start-up and run some businesses.

All but no.8 can be achieved,if you hunt for jobs on the link at the beginning of this post.

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