The Way Forward


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4 Responses to The Way Forward

  1. chitti18 says:

    Similar to ‘Start the start-ups’ post. Though its little bit different.

    I’m pretty sure that by now you would have more knowledge of wealth building and going over half way in your path reaching your destination.

    Wish you success in that.

    • The infographic is one way of pursuing entrepreneurship.I am at the other end of the spectrum.I don’t build to sell and exit.I’m big on family businesses.

      • chitti18 says:

        I said it generally – over the past years, you have had learned so many things and so you must be having more wealth knowledge and so would have passed the half way. Not in anyway related to Infographic.

        If you have misunderstood in anyway with what I had said, Sorry for the way/place I have put. My aim in this world to the least is not hurting others or at least not consciously. If I couldn’t do any good here, better I can do is not hurting anyone.

        So, cool. Be happy always. 🙂

        • In no way was I offended.I accept that there are many variations of the entrepreneurial journey.And different ways suit different people.I lean towards bootstrapping and multigenerational family businesses. I have strong gut level feelings against a lot of VC funded businesses and exits via an IPO’s it;s these feelings that probably came through.

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