Choosing To Be Wealthy

wealthymatters.comHere’s a great article I found.Its best read at the beginning of one’s journey to wealth.

Being wealthy is a conscious choice.Our thoughts and actions day in and day out determine out wealth.It makes sense to read such articles periodically to refresh the first principles.

by Andrew Fiebert
Very few people get to wake up one day and just become wealthy. For those lucky few that do, becoming wealthy turns out be not as much luck as a curse. A large percentage of lottery winners wind up not only losing the millions of dollars they win but eventually losing everything they own after being buried under a mountain of debt. Why is that?
It’s because you can’t just become wealthy, it’s a conscious choice that you must make. Sure you can have a lot of money, but without the proper mindset you will eventually let it all get away from you.
There is a major difference between wealthy people and everyone else. The wealthy work and save to create freedom, opportunity and happiness in their lives. When you have “F You Money”, suddenly you don’t have to take crap from your boss, you can leave or take time off from work all together. The wealthy know this. For the wealthy, money gives them the power to choose, they do not have to report to anyone but themselves.
You’ll find that the wealthy don’t have fancy cars because that’s a terrible waste of money and they don’t need to prove to anyone how successful they are. In fact, you can usually tell a poor person based on how flashy they are and how much stuff they have acquired.
The wealthy didn’t get wealthy by spending their money. Most of them live comfortable happy normal lives no different from yours. That’s where the phrase The Millionaire Next Door comes from. See, the wealthy know that they don’t want to be enslaved, they want the freedom to make decisions based on what they want and what makes them happy, not what the bill collectors say.
The financially illiterate on the other hand see money in a whole different light. Or, rather they don’t really see or understand money at all. They are primarily driven to work so they can acquire more things. To get a better kitchen table, to buy a flatter TV, they let their stuff own them. Eventually their stuff become the shackles that hold them back and prevent them from being happy.
The worst part about the financially illiterate is that they don’t respect money, themselves or their time. A financially illiterate person may make $12.50 an hour or $100 a day, which is fine, however at the end of the day they may spend that whole $100 at the bar. In the matter of a few hours they drank away a whole days work. They might as well have not gone to work and stayed home.
This is the sobering truth about how most people spend their money and the irony is that most of these people aren’t stupid, they just don’t understand money and the value of their time.
There is this notion that you must work 5 days a week for at least 40 hours and maintain that level of dedication for nearly 40 years. That’s crazy! By the time you’re 60, you’ll be old and you won’t want to work. If you drink all you’re money away you’re basically screwing the older you of the future into working your life away.
Thankfully, there is another way but first you must sit down and decide for yourself that the past is the past and from today onwards you will work towards being wealthy. Until you make that conscious decision you’re doomed to be enslaved by your stuff and your job. You will work away the best years of your life and you won’t realize it until it is too late.
The first step to becoming wealthy is deciding to take responsibility for your financial future. Once you make this choice you can start the slow but rewarding journey of building wealth and becoming the master of your own destiny.

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  1. chitti18 says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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