Keep Secrets



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8 Responses to Keep Secrets

  1. Alex Jones says:

    A concept Stonewall Jackson used to great effect in his generalship during the American Civil War.

    • Alex,I didn’t quite get your comment.Google tells me that Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate General but I didn’t immediately turn up anything on secrecy.

      • Alex Jones says:

        One of the best of the Confederate Generals. He created a plan and kept it to himself right up to the moment he actioned it, which took his opponents by surprise in spectacular fashion, especially at Chancellorsville.

        • Alex your erudition in all matters historical never fails to awe me.I used to think it was British history,specially the ancient period that was your forte.Now I see you know your American history too.

          • Alex Jones says:

            I like history 🙂

            • Shows!

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Sun Tzu was ahead of his time!

    • Hardly Renard.Just stating some eternal truths that are still valid a couple of 1000years later.

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