Invest In Agricultural Land

Here’s why:Since the year 2000 to the present agricultural land prices have risen 3-100 times And remember that Jim Rogers considers this the next big thing after the rise of gold and silver.




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  1. Annapurna says:

    One should be careful while investing in agricultural land marketed by brokers who lure people from cities to invest in them, takethe initial down payment and promise registration after the land is converted to NA ( non agricultural ) plots, which never happens !

    • Yes the scam you mention is pretty common.
      Its much better to purchase agriculture land by oneself after due diligence ,register it and then have it converted to NA if necessary.But even without conversion,building on part of the land for self use is permissible.
      The worst scams are when builders/developers just get a POA from farmers,build on the site,sell it to the unwary and make them unwitting encroachers and then play the zone conversion,FSI and TDR games.Many people lose heavily by getting into such deals.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    Why is agricultural land prices increasing?

    • Well a combination of 3 factors:
      Cities are growing out and encroaching on agricultural land.Also development in infrastructure is spreading urbanism around the country.Land is being put to other uses other than agriculture and the potential for greater earnings is driving up the price of agricultural land.
      Politicians need money to fight elections.They have found it lucrative to tie up with developers and land bankers and work on changing zoning laws and influencing policy.Many politicians have their money,often black,invested in large tracks of such land.So too do industrialists and many HNIs and their families and foreign investors.
      Further ordinary people from the cities and people who have made their money abroad but still find city properties too expensive or out of their reach.settle for investments in agriculture land,to participate in the price gain of real estate.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Is India paying the price of potential mass starvation by losing agricultural land to property developers?

        • Probably not.
          While in Post-Independence times it has been something of a fashion to call India an agricultural country, historically India has been a mercantile country with large urban centres,In colonial times,as urban professions were hit,people migrated to the rural areas,now as prosperity increases the reverse trend as has happened in the past is reasserting itself.
          The truth is that farming is no longer the choice of many young people.Education.migration and steady jobs in the city,along with larger cash incomes is the choice.With universal free school education and highly subsidized university education,parents are increasingly pushing children out of agriculture.Farming still brings in less than work in factories and in cities.Also the income is uncertain due to agriculture and market risks.There is a rising tendency to become agricultural labourers rather than remain as independent incomes are more assured that way.
          Indian agriculture is itself getting more hi-tech and industrialized and there is a greater tendency to import food from the rest of the world.
          Something like this is happening all round the world,Combined with global climate change,its global rice production which is most likely to be affected.As Asia’s increasing population favours rice,Jim Rogers sees rice as the next big commodity to go the silver way.He see farming as the next coolest profession as banking was before the crisis.He sees large growth in income in this career and seeing the flash lifestyle of successful farmers today,I’d say he has a good point.
          So agricultural land,rice and farming has the potential to make a person fortunes,

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