The Way To Billions


So get started early.Do what you can.Don’t wait for a grand idea or a great stroke of luck.You may not become a millionaire on your first try.No matter ,learn and move on.If you keep your wits about you,your millions will become billions in time.If you learn fast and leverage your know-how and contacts you’ll get there faster.FOCUS on how many steps these gentlemen had to take to get where they are.Think of their ages and the years they have been working.

About Keerthika Singaravel

4 Responses to The Way To Billions

  1. chitti18 says:

    Wow. Another one – fantastic.

    It’s always great to know the lives of successful people. It leads us from where we’re (at low point) to where we want to (highest place in our career).

    Once again, Thanks so much for sharing this. Keep up your good work!

  2. Alex Jones says:

    I support the idea of multiple businesses rather than focus on one idea too.

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