The Best Is Yet To Be


Today there are a lot of people writing off the India story. The graph above is reason to believe differently.Yes,India has major problems,but the best is probably yet to be.The 7.3% growth in GDP that Mckinsey assumed may not materialize,but inflation still might produce or exceed the threefold increase in household incomes (As a proxy for national household incomes why not use the income of government servants?Link and since then a 7th pay Commission has been appointed).Its hard to say what exactly the increased incomes will purchase in real terms.But its certain there will be more money floating round.Enough for enterprising people to set up businesses and flourish,Entrepreneurs just need to survive and adapt.


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2 Responses to The Best Is Yet To Be

  1. Alex Jones says:

    India is a paradox in so many areas, but it has huge potential amongst its one billion people to be a world leader.

    • I’m not sure Indians really seek to be leaders in any sense.But India is the legendary Sone ke Chidiya=The Golden Bird.Prosperity not poverty is the natural state of its people.

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