Private Submarines


At the Monaco Yacht Show there are 4 companies hawking luxury personal submarines.viz. Hawkes Ocean Technologies,U-Boat Worx, Triton Submarines LLC and Seamagine Hydrospace Corporation.

The submersibles on offer cost from around $1.5 million to $4.2 million depending on their size and underwater range.

U-Boat’s five models equipped with bubble-shaped acrylic windows can hold between two and five people and sink to between 100 meters and 1,000 meters underwater.Rival Triton, which is based at Vero Beach in Florida, is pushing the depth limit to 1,650 meters for similar battery powered technology. Hawkes’s underwater flying machines differ from the others. While his resemble soft-edged airplanes with bubble-shaped cockpits, the others are more like UFOs.

Since storing an 18,000-pound submarine elegantly on a designer yacht is a challenge. Sub owners to have get bespoke boats conceived with subs in mind or, alternatively, invest in a “shadow” vessel i.e a smaller speedboat to accompany the yacht. 

Private submersibles are a way of exploring for things that no human has ever seen .Sharks, hydrothermal vents ,sea mounts and ship-wrecks  can be seen up close in a sub,

The current global fleet of private subs is estimated at under a couple dozen including on private yachts such as Octopus, owned by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen and one on Necker Island owned by Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group Ltd.But not to worry,if this is not your usual social circle,there is a private sub on a tourist island off Costa Rica, where you can get a 300-meter dive for $1,800 per person.




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2 Responses to Private Submarines

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Reminds me of the James Bond type of submarines that the bad guys had.

    • Ya.They are the rage in Monaco.They are gaining more attention than the yachts on display.

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