Premium Shoe Care

wealthymattersWhen it comes to footwear,I splurge.I want them to look good and more importantly fit me well and make walking a pleasure.The only exceptions I make are when I know I’m going to be deliberately abusing my shoes,

I can and will skimp on party shoes but never on every-day shoes.

I also find it better to spend on good quality leather shoes(the emphasis is on quality or fungus will destroy it before the monsoon is out) rather than sneakers.Sports shoes are great for sports but are not so long lasting for daily use.The glued together parts just fall apart and even the manufacturer can’t put them together in a way that makes repairing them worthwhile.

Quality leather shoes with good quality fittings,that give me years of trouble free service are my preference.Per use they work out cheaper than the cost of a wardrobe full of cheaper shoes,

Having acquired expensive shoes,the next issue is regularly taking care of them.So far I have made use of the complementary services offered by the manufacturers,Today I read about the shoe shine services by John Lobb,Link.Now if only they’d do ladies shoes too.


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3 Responses to Premium Shoe Care

  1. Alex Jones says:

    In part of my business I do lots of walking, so good footwear is vital.

    • Yes and its always better to pay for quality shoes rather than to doctors for a range of foot,knee and back problems,especially common in case of women who make do with poorly designed shoes.

      • Alex Jones says:

        True, I used to do lots of competitive running, and by wearing the right running shoes in part I avoided injuries.

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