Aadhaar Card No Longer Compulsory


I am relieved to find that getting an Aadhaar Card is no longer mandatory.Link.

I am far from enthusiastic about giving  private parties access to my finger-prints and retina scans.Finger-prints are used as evidence in criminal cases.In the days of identity thefts and electronic frauds do I really want my prints to be stored in some database,along with other personal information,ready for some smart hacker to come along and harvest?

A couple of banks and the post office have jumped onto the Aadhaar bandwagon and have been aggressively pushing me to go get an Aadhaar Card.I guess direct money transfers represents big business for them.

However as I receive no doles/subsidies from the government and am concerned with frauds such as this one reported in the press:Link,I have been postponing getting an Aaadhaar card.

Now I’ll be happy to cite this interim judgement of the Supreme Court to any organization pushing me to get enrolled.


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  1. Sana says:

    Aadhaar Card Online Customer Support Visit:

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