Hiring The IT Guy First


The article below is an interesting one I came across today. It got me thinking in a direction I have never done before.

Sure, ever since I read Bill Gate’s Business@ the Speed of Thought, I have been made aware of how profoundly IT impacts the way business is done. Personally I have been a pretty good assimilator of IT. I’m never in the first wave of IT adopters but I’ve certainly jumped in by the time the second wave has gathered momentum.

However, so far in each of my businesses, I have tried to depend on my own IT skills and call in the experts only when something remained beyond my abilities. In the process I have poured over on-line tutorials and become something of a jack of all trades whether it has to do with hardware, networking, software, purchasing, repairing, social media etc, etc. I have hired lawyers, accountants. sales people etc. first but never an IT guy, But after reading the article, it struck me that I could have done things differently.

So have you started a business where you hired an IT guy first? What do you think of doing so?

Why Employees with Office Information Technology Degrees Are Important For Your Business

When you start a business, there are a few things that you know you’ll end up needing, like computers and phones, but have you ever thought about hiring the IT guy first? Since many companies are computer based, the IT guy is the heart of your company. Here are a few reasons why they should be one of the first people you hire.

They Know How Things Work

This is the most important reason to have an IT guy with an OIT degree on your staff as early as possible. IT guys understand systems and know how they work. If something happens, they’re the first guys that you go to. They can improve the infrastructure of your network and make the appropriate orders for equipment when it’s time to upgrade. For that reason alone, they’re practically invaluable. Let them take care of the network while you run the business.

They Can Teach Given that you’re hiring a new staff, you’re going to have a lot of people that are unfamiliar with the way things work. IT guys will be able to teach new employees how the system works and help them get familiar with it. If the employees have any questions going forward, they can contact the IT guy and get everything taken care of in a matter of moments.

They Can Secure Your Network Given that your business is dealing with sensitive documents and information, you’re going to need a secure network to transfer and protect that information. That’s where the IT guy comes in. The IT guy understands network security, so when you need to lock the network down, they’re the one to call. They can add passwords to your network, or even enable it to where only certain users can connect to the network, even if someone else has the password. If you company utilizes a BYOD policy, you’ll definitely need a secure network. Since these devices are all connecting to your network via different platforms and methods, it’s important to secure your network, and have some precautionary measure in place. You may even want to utilize a program that manages all of the mobile devices on your network so you can push out updates to documents to hundreds of people at once.

They can use Equipment Efficiently Have you ever had a device that you just couldn’t figure out? The IT crew can help! They’ll make sure that the equipment you have is being used properly. You’ll be able to take advantage of every feature available on the devices that you already own, and perhaps you’ll be able to learn a few new tricks with Bluetooth or cloud storage along with way. In a technology based environment, it’s crucial to understand how hardware and software works. You’ll need to hire people with OIT degrees to make sure your business is reaching its maximum potential and to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. When an office is on the same page, everything flows infinitely better.

-By A,Jane


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