Of Groupon And Onions


Beginning today, Groupon India has tied up with a Delhi-based wholesaler to deliver onions for the next seven days to customers in 78 cities across India. They are offering onions at Rs 9 per kg.

Groupon India is part of a 48-country portfolio of Groupon Global spanning 200 million subscribers and over $5bn in annual sales. The site, offers collective buying power to offer unbeatable prices and provide a win-win for businesses and consumers and delivers over 650 daily deals globally.

The deal is scheduled to be online for the next seven days and customers would be able to get their onions within 10 days of placing their orders. 

They plan on selling 3,000 kilograms of fresh onions per day. Onions, packaged in special moisture free wraps are be couriered to buyers by companies like Blue Dart. Only registered users of the site would be able to avail the deal with only one deal available per user.

Groupon expects more than 20,000 people to avail of the onion promotion.

Since the last one and half months, retail price of onions have skyrocketed up to Rs 80 per kg in most parts of the country.

Definitely this is a great idea to create awareness about Groupon and get Indians to sign on.This wholesaler deserves credit for trying something new.And if this experiment works,it will change the way goods move from the farm gate to the consumer.

So I’m off to see if I can go get my kilo of onions .I want to check the condition in which they arrive.Why don’t you guys too give it a shot,Let’s then compare notes,The cash at stake is just Rs 9.



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    • News jacking-my new word for the day.Thanks!

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