The Hp Android IndiBlogger Meet


Its been a long long while since I have bothered to write about any of the IndiBlogger meets. Mostly I leave them borderline pissed and can’t be bothered.However,this meet was different.I’m hoping that recording all the things I loved about the meet will act as positive reinforcement. Renie and co. are you listening?Do you care anyways?

The first positive was the location.A nice South Bombay location for a change, not some airport hotel stuck among warehouses and requiring a 2hr commute in grid-locked traffic.I did observe that this time too people unfamiliar with the area had problems reaching the venue.Next time how about publishing the nearest train station and local transport available upto the venue,not just a Google Map?Also heritage buildings are really my thing and I love tasteful renovations and redevelopments.First the TOI building,now this….Do keep them coming. Plus Ave29 was a pretty nice business to observe.

The greatest plus this time was the Hp participant.Next time Hp has something to launch can we have him back?It really helps when the sponsors gel with us bloggers.Who wants to hear some corporate type talk down to us,toot his own horn,  talk of his accomplishments and tell us how high up he is in the corporate ladder?Best keep that for the AGM or better still the annual performance review. Then there are the guys handing out press releases……Hey if you want a sponsored post why not honestly buy one and accept the penalties Google imposes on the parties?

I also loved the fact that we put bloggers out centre-stage. Personally,I’d rather hear what Sorcerer has to say rather than listen to would-be reality stars with minders and instructions on what they may or may not say. Isn’t blogging supposed to be about honesty?Do we really want to exchange food for toeing some corporate line?Could we please meet more Indiblogger award winners?And have more in house presentations?Pity we couldn’t make more time for Hemal. Let’s learn from the best and make IndiBlogger meets a little bit more about blogging and bloggers,

A BIG and I really mean BIG Plus this time was that I found one of the products launched personally relevant.I currently work out of a Dell Laptop.I mostly use it as a desktop,Very rarely do I tote it with me-seems pretty silly and pretentious to flaunt one.I also use a Nokia E-series phone,mostly for voice calls.I prefer to talk to people or communicate via SMS rather than doing business via-e-mails.So far my mobile internet access is largely via my phone,unless i’m out of station and toting my laptop.

My laptop has been something of a let down.A few days out of warranty the DVD drive has started giving me problems and I suspect more trouble is round the corner.Rather than bearing the expense of having the drive replaced I’ve been thinking of buying a new portable computing device as my phone too is over 3 years old and looking pretty worn out.So at first I considered following my sister and doing away with both and going for a Samsung Galaxy Tab .I also considered the i-pad.But in neither case was I comfortable making telephone calls.The machines are a bit too big to comfortably hold in my hand.Also I want the full qwerty keyboard and num pad I have got used to.A touch screen slows down my dialing speed.Then I thought of going for a small net book or tab and sticking with a Nokia E-series phone or a Blackberry.That way I would get a bigger screen for computing along with greater portability and a handy cellphone.

Next I ran against the problem of finding a netbook that could support my 7Mbps 3G connection.Without adequate WiFi hotspots,I really needed my purchase to run on 3G or 2G or I would have no mobility in any practical sense.Since I couldn’t find a suitable netbook,I was veering around to settling for a tab,But the one finger typing I was being forced to do on the touch screens was still a concern.I need to get a manuscript done ASAP and I don’t want to have to cut down on blogging.I was wondering whether it was back to buying a notebook.And this time I was swearing-off Dell.

At this juncture,at the Hp Android IndiBlogger meet,I was introduced to the Hp Split models that could be laptops when needed and tablets when we wanted one.Personally,the Windows models are out of the question on the basis of price.I live near the sea and corrosion is a fact of life.No electronics item lasts over 3 years and I can’t bring myself to spend more on something with such a short economic life.But the Android based SlateBookx2 hit the sweet spot, In toto,its small and light enough to put into a lady’s handbag and tote around everywhere.I could cutback on the weight further by just taking the tablet with me.There was a means of directly charging the tablet and it had its own battery.Apparently when attached to the base it drew power from the battery at the base.So the tablet would always be charged and ready to go.And when I did sit down to write or blog I would have a type pad handy!Not bad at all!

So far I have mostly worked with Windows machines,unless it was with the prehistoric DOS machines of my school days.Only occasionally have I had to operate a borrowed Linux machine  or Mac.Even in the case of cell phones,I’ve had little need to work in an Android environment.So my next step was to check out the SlateBookx2 at Chroma. Safe to say that operating the machine is easy as cheese.Some new features I came across were Box,Evernote,Skitch,Splashtop,Kingsoft Office and CyberLink but using them was pretty instinctive and the machine was able to walk me through using the apps.And thankfully my 3G dongle didn’t make the machine hang up.So the Tegra4 processor was not going to let me down.Obviously there were no DVD drives,so no watching movies that way,But I suppose the 2USBs would allow me to manage.And there is the streaming content, if it is worth the data charges,The 2 cameras were more than I was hoping for.Though how much video-calling is possible on my patchy 3G connection is a moot point.Should I need more than the 64GB internal memory on the tablet.there are slots to expand it,but I doubt I will as I am using only 30GB in my laptop after a year.I was also happy to note that the machine didn’t seem to get hot while I was using it,so fertility seems safe with Hp!

Now comes the all important question of price.At about 40K,with upfront payment and 43k on a 6 month EMI, it requires some thought.Added to the price of a phone,the bill would be about 50K for 3 years of communication equipment.Or 45 rupees a day.Bearable, but worth watching since retiring on Rs 40 a day is a distinct possibility.Then I thought of checking the international price and found that it is only $480 on the Hp site and $449 in Walmart.So if the exchange rate would have been favourable,the machine would cost only 20-25 thousand rupees-A steal really!I think its time to beg relations abroad to send me a care package of the slatebook or at least extend  me some Dollar credit till the exchange rate turns more favourable!

Lastly,might I say the mug was truly well designed?I have it on my desk now and pause ever so often to admire the green bot.Thanks Hp and IndiBlogger for an enjoyable and productive meet!






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