Too Little Too Late

wealthymatters“Had we used the breathing time that this ( Fed’s QE Programme) gave us to address the structural factors and brought the CAD down to its sustainable level, we would have been able to withstand the ‘taper’. In the event, we did not. We, therefore, made ourselves vulnerable to sudden stop and exit of capital flows driven by global sentiment; the eventual cost of adjustment too went up sharply.”-Duvvuri Subbarao,RBI Governor in his farewell speech

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2 Responses to Too Little Too Late

  1. Rashmi kumaraswamy says:

    Dear Keerthika,

    I am sure you are a busy women, please take 2 min and read my email.

    I read all your posts they are very informative. I appreciate your effort and your determination towords your goal.There are very less women in the world who are so goal oriented(atleast in India) You inspire me a lot. I wanted to know how you are creating wealth? i mean are you working, business or any other source of income you have?  i could not find any of the details on your website.

    I have similar dreams like your. my husband is a doctor and we  are right now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. i have done fashion designing and have worked in India as merchandiser for 8 years and not saved much( i have made some gold for myself) now i want to do something to make money and create wealth and want to be independent and support my parents. i am not finding any job here. and i want to work from home, i am looking for internet marketing options and all that. can you give me suggestions and guide me how do i move forward..(what can i do to earn) i will be nice if i can get some suggestions from you. 

    Thanks and regards, Rashmi


    • Rashmi
      I deliberately avoid taking in greater detail about my businesses and investments on my blog.
      This was a hard rule I made when I initially started this blog.
      My reasons have to do with the time sensitive nature of much investment advice and the fact that I am in no control of who reads what and when on my blog.Also I have had bad experiences with people doing whatever they want on their own,and then picking fights with me because they have lost money and are looking for someone else to blame.There is always the fear of someone complaining to the police saying that I am in cahoots with some or other promoters/scamsters.In India not all people really understand the nature of the internet and I am sure you have heard of all the bloggers who have faced action from the authorities.Bloggers in India don’t have the protection that journalists enjoy.
      Besides this there is the nuisance of being approached by scamsters hoping to get me to put money in their ventures.Then there is the nuisance of people who want your contacts,networks,help,time etc all for free all on the basis of a net chat-friends who are friends as long as they can get something out of me,but who will never even consider offering me their resources in any way.
      Here is my best offer:If you are interested,lets meet and get to know each other,then decide if we really like each other and can be good friends for the long term.If we suit and can come up with good ideas, we can consider some business or investment we can do depending on the skills and resources we have.OK?

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