Another Scam In The Making ?

Indian PC shipments reached 3.53 million during the second quarter of this year, registering a year-on-year rise of 24% and 30.2% over Q1 2013, according to IDC. Analysts attributed the sharp sales rise to state projects in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Sounding a note of caution, IDC said excluding the impact of government purchases overall PC demand remained weak and the sharp rupee weakness put brakes on business sales…


At the HP Android Indiblogger meet last Saturday,staff from HP got to bragging a bit about UP procurements,till they got to know that Sorcerer was present in the room and blogger action had got the TN government to cancel an order they had placed,

My personal understanding is that desktops are passe and laptops too are giving way to tablets and smartphones.Under the circumstances is it such a great idea for governments to  distribute free laptops?Alternatively why not distribute inexpensive Chinese tablets.At a time when the nation is distressed by our subsidy burdens why plonk money on expensive laptops when inexpensive tablets can take the place and help bridge the digital divide.And BTW be sure I’m not recommending the white elephant called Aakash.

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10 Responses to Another Scam In The Making ?

  1. Alex Jones says:

    The standard in the West is to give laptops to politicians and to students rather than PCs.

    • And what about cost wise?Something that’s seen as a premium branded product or as an entry level product?

      • Alex Jones says:

        Practicalities are as important as cost, a laptop can be moved from meeting to meeting, class to class; whereas a PC is a heavy static thing suitable for one location.

        • Alex the question is whether the devices should be laptops or tablets?Especially as most schoolwork can be done on a tablet.
          The idea is that the underprivileged should not be left behind for lack of access to smart devices.So when the rest of the country is moving to tablets why should governments still procure laptops?
          Are we now subsidizing internet access or laptop manufacturers?
          When the country is talking subsidy burden do we need to procure the more expensive laptops when the same work can be done via tablets?
          And if we must procure laptops must we buy top end brands at a premium or economy models?

          • Alex Jones says:

            I believe in the UK at least we are in a trend between laptop and tablet, I personally still use a laptop. I know the Colchester councillors have all been given tablets, and I think they have been given laptops too. Schools such as one in Clacton which I have done business for have gone totally technological which means their students get laptops and tablets too.

            The problem of tablets is they are a new addition to the market with only a few competitors, meaning they are expensive, one reason I have yet to make the transition.

            The market has collapsed for laptops, where a few years ago a laptop could sell £1000 now with better features it sells for £300.

            Councils and schools can produce vast amounts of paper, which is slow and inefficient, now vast amounts of information can be moved around fast, with no clutter and paper.

            Laptops and tablets are needed, someone has to produce this need, so if the supplier wins the order to supply a school or government with laptops/tablets, well done to them.

            It is good business to satisfy a practical need but at a reasonable price. If a public body has been purchasing premium models without justification they are either stupid or corrupt.

            • Alex round here we can get tablets even in the sub 5K range and the cheapest Chinese net book is 12K. Laptops,especially the bigger brands like HP go for over 25K. Budget Taiwanese brands will cost 17-18K.

              Our government has a fascination for Apple products and Samsung tabs for self use.These HP products are supposedly for use in government schools by poor kids.All in places without reliable electricity and internet.

              My understanding is that irrespective of brand,such products have a life of about three years before they conk out.And under the cover all these devices have the same components.In these circumstances what sort of investment is the government making?Especially when private citizens will not make such decisions with their own money.

              And by the way, our elite schools have switched to tablets,often i-pads.So will poor kids be so deprived if we offer them Android or Android like tabs?After all we are promoting digital fluency not brand loyalty.

              There might be a hundred ways of justifying why an Apple machine is superior to a no name brand but how does the former help us better bridge the digital divide?

              India went mobile on the back of stripped down models and Chinese phones,so why not promote internet use the same way?Governments didn’t have to provide free mobile phones so why not replicate the same situation with computers?

              • Alex Jones says:

                India can learn a lot from China by using its technological workforce to manufacture bespoke machines suitable to its own needs. India has a vast resource of engineers who could drive the nation forwards. India needs to work with the challenges and resources it has got practically and with innovation. In Africa school girls made a light bulb work with human urine. Innovation is there, but it won’t come from slavery to brands however good they are.

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