Planning A Break

wealthymattersSabbaticals, which have become increasingly common due to work pressure and higher aspirations on the creative and entrepreneurial front, can hinder growth if not planned well. Worse, they can make the transition back to professional life tough.So here’s how you can reduce the risks o your employability.

1 Decide on the Reason Employees take sabbaticals to manage a special circumstance such as taking a baby-break,dealing with a family crisis or a child’s exam; when they feel the burnout coming; or to expand their knowledge and skills;live in the here and now,do something creative or try their hand at running a start-up. Decide what you want to address during your sabbatical, first, to make the best use of time that you will have to yourself.It helps too if you can decide on a cut-off date when you will return to work.
2 Discuss it with Your Family Before you reach out to your employer and communicate your decision, talk with your family.Your family backs you up if your plan doesn’t work out, be it financial or mental. Discuss with your spouse, children and parents before you take the leap. 
3 Plan Ahead Let your organisation know well in time so they can prepare for the time you will be away.It allows them time to find a back-up and you get the time to help that person transition into their new role. Apart from work being taken care of, this keeps goodwill intact.
4 Start a Sabbatical Fund
Make a financial plan for your time away, saving at least 12 months worth of expenses for every three months of sabbatical. Think about sub-letting your apartment for taking care of regular household expenses.For healthcare needs, get a private insurer or negotiate with your company. If you are planning on starting a new business,yo need to lay aside start up costs too.
5 Keep in Touch Once you’ve left for your sabbatical, continue networking online. Inform those close to you and family through a blog or an update every two weeks. Keep in touch with your boss and colleagues. This will come in handy if and when you need to get back to your professional life.


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2 Responses to Planning A Break

  1. Alex Jones says:

    For most people sabbatical is a luxury that they can ill afford.

    • Sadly yes.

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