Readers Please Be Aware

wealthymattersThis is a post I feel compelled to do after an unfortunate incident yesterday night.I thought I’d sing like the blackbird and make my boundaries clear.Link

First off,wealth building is a primary motive for me.Link

Secondly I believe that want and poverty, like suffering are optional and totally unnecessary.I think Dhirubhai had it right when he said:“If you’re born poor its not your fault but if you die poor its your fault”.Think!our mental abilities ,which we are born with, are not as far apart as our wealth positions.Also some of the world’s wealthiest people are self made.

Thirdly I believe that people can learn to be wealthy.Link

I blog to maintain a personal record of stuff I find useful in wealth building.Its also my attempt to leave a record for my family,long after I am gone in much the same way as I find the old business papers of my ancestors illuminating.I choose to make the blog public as I’d love for others to benefit from my efforts in any way possible.I believe that wealth is not a zero-sum game.Wealthy people,simply by being,help increase the wealth of people round them.

I am perfectly happy to answer queries from readers via comments on the blog.However I’m unwilling to entertain long e-mail correspondence from readers.Also I am unwilling to chat with readers on IM without a prior appointment.Same goes for the telephone.I have 24 hours in the day and the same sleep and personal time needs as others.I believe that as I can’t do all things I must pick and choose what I decide to give my time to.The first call on my time and effort is my family and close friends.The emphasis is on the word close.And of course my own businesses and investments.

I handle my personal finances in a very hands on manner.Link.I also have a small wealth advisory business, mostly confined to family and friends.Financial advice has a huge value component and my opinions and preferences are influenced by my life experiences.So I prefer to restrict myself to people who value these experiences.I have no minimum net-worth requirements of my clients  but ask for a open mind and a willingness to try things one or the other way for a while before deciding whether they wish to continue.Also I don’t wish to debate on financial matters with the people I take on,at least not initially.This is not because I believe that I am some Financial God with all the right answers or because I want zombie followers,I just prefer that people have actual experience of the things they are debating about.The financial space is too full of commentators without personal experience.Thirdly I need people to respect time,effort and knowledge.I charge no exorbitant fees but expect clients to pay their share of research expenses.

My blog readers are welcome to get in touch with me for financial advice.If its a small query please use the comment feature but if things are more complicated or you need personalized advice please consider a more business-like relationship.Friendship for me, starts from mutual respect and liking and I dislike being imposed upon in the name of friendship.

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7 Responses to Readers Please Be Aware

  1. good personal views but this should be published in disclaimer section

    • I don’t know if disclaimer is a word I’d use as it implies some sort of legal contract with readers.
      To the best of my knowledge India has no law defining the rights,duties and obligations of blog writers and readers.And I’m unsure how any local law will help as I am currently a resident Indian national,at last count my readers came from 183 countries and my blog is hosted in the US.Any suggestions for some other word that conveys the same meaning without sounding so legal?
      For now, as Alex had suggested yesterday I have made it a point to have a page titled financial advice with a link to this post but have no idea if people will click on it.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    Good personal statements. You could also post these as a policies page on your blog.

    • Good Idea!
      I was pretty frustrated when a family wanted me to take on their case on an urgent basis over the weekend,fit in their concerns over others in the week and after 3 days of extensive typing over IM, which they preferred,had a problem with paying for advice which I have myself had to pay ,in the past, to procure-And the payment was perhaps the cost of half way decent haircut or a not very expensive shirt and that too from the company they would buy their products from not out of their own pockets.Also till there was no talk of payment they didn’t seem to find the advice worthless, but the moment they found that it entailed a fee,they figured that they could get it all for free over the internet.

      • Alex Jones says:

        It is important in such situations to make the boundaries clear right from the start to avoid those type of misunderstandings.

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