Hail The Bradfordians!

wealthymattersIf you had to guess, where in the world would you guess Wealthymatters is most popular?Mumbai?Bangalore?Pune?Chennai?….Nah none of these obvious choices,but the city of Bradford in the UK-aka the Curry Capital Of Britain.

So thanks good people of Bradford for your support.I’d love to get to know you better.So if you read this post could you drop me a comment just to say hello? Or you could join via Facebook or Twitter if that works better for you.




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4 Responses to Hail The Bradfordians!

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I wonder why Bradford?

    • No idea.But I can see a growing readership from the UK,disproportionately large vis a vis the population or internet penetration.Also the quotes you like,they are the type of articles being picked up,especially Henry Ford ones.And as there are no comments on this post. I assume these readers are not bloggers or regular blog readers but I could be off the mark by many long country miles.In any case, none of the profiles of the readers signed up for my posts mentions Bradford.
      Again a hypothesis only,perhaps the large number of people of Indian origin in this city and the fact that many of them have taken up self employment and/or are entrepreneurs explains the popularity of these qupyes.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Here are the summary of 2011 census findings for Bradford:

      • Maybe the explanation is the number of people of Pakistani origin.
        There are some Pakistani central bankers and diplomats among the regular readers and subscribers but they are from NY.
        But everything is really guess work,maybe its someone totally unexpected.

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